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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

How do I join?

Joining is easy and better yet, it’s free. Simply complete our member form and you’ll be on board in no time.

How much is an individual membership?

Individual memberships are completely free. After all, we want the power of the We Can Rise community to be available to everyone.

How much is a corporate membership?

We offer various options. Simply complete and submit the company membership form, and we’ll reach out to discuss them.

What are you going to do with the information you collect on the membership form?

We will never sell or share your data without your permission. Any information we collect will be used to help the We Can Rise team develop specially curated experiences for you.

How are you different than other women's networking groups?

We can’t speak for all organizations, but we can tell you why we believe we stand out. For one thing, our community is not exclusively for women. We encourage men who actively support women to join our team. Beyond honoring the inclusivity we strive for, it’s just smart business. Men make up 95% of the top seats in corporations. Which means men truly understand what it takes to get there. Men can help us succeed. We welcome them here.

Another clear advantage is our leadership. Our Co-founder Robin Toft offers decades of experience as the CEO of a prominent executive search firm. She knows what it takes to rise into the job you want. Likewise, Co-founder Ron Giannotti has held executive leadership positions from CEO to Chairman. Together they bring the wealth of experience we need to help women achieve. Individually, they offer the important perspectives of both men and women.

Why would men want to join?

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Men want women to succeed too. They know it’s a smart move to put women in top leadership positions. It improves profitability, encourages innovation and helps companies attract and retain talent. It’s a business imperative. So men join us to help women succeed and to bring all the advantages that women have to offer into their businesses and organizations.

Where do I learn more about board service?

We are excited to announce we’ll be offering a complete and affordable board program for you in a few months. The program will give you exclusive access to Robin and her innovative roadmap for those who aspire to or are now planning to serve on boards. Robin currently serves on several private, public and non-profit boards. She also actively places individuals on boards through the executive search firm she founded. Her board program will bundle all of this experience and more into one must-take course.

Where can I purchase the We Can book and workbook?

Both books are available on Amazon. You can find the direct links under the Resources tab at the top of this website.