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Ignite Your Board Career: Board IQ Playbook

By Robin Toft & Ron Giannotti
This Board IQ Playbook is as a how-to guide to accelerate your path to the boardroom, so you can create sustainable change and impact for all of the companies you ultimately serve. It will be your secret weapon to help you get prepared, get connected and get visible to your ideal board service opportunities. Combined with the We Can Rise Board IQ™ Program, it will offer practical guidance and advice to successfully navigate from your current executive role into a career in board service-while empowering, informing, and readying you to interview and earn a seat at the boardroom table.
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We Can: The Executive Woman's Guide to Career Advancement

By Robin Toft
Becoming an executive is no easy task. Becoming a female executive is something else altogether. How can the ambitious woman excel, advance, and thrive with thousands of years of history working against her and in seemingly male-dominated industries?

Through her own inspiring journey from employee to powerful female executive, Robin Toft couples the wisdom she gleaned at the boardroom table as an executive with over a decade of experience in executive search as founder and CEO of the award-winning Toft Group. No matter where you are on your executive journey, Robin Toft will move you to action and empower you as a trusted partner through every aspect of your career advancement.
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The We CAN Workbook

by Robin Toft

This workbook is the much-anticipated companion to Robin Toft’s award-winning book, We Can: The Executive Woman’s Guide to Career Advancement.

Featuring thoughtful exercises and guidance honed by Robin’s unique experience as the CEO of a prominent executive search firm, it will help you acquire the skills you need to dramatically elevate your career.
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The Queen Bee: Embody Your Truth & Live Fully Expressed

by Kayleigh O'Keefe (Author), Donna Bond (Author), Stacie Cooper (Author), Danielle Dawson (Author), Carol DeFrancisco (Author), Marion Gibbon (Author), Anna Koskinaris (Author), Judy McNutt (Author), Natalie Murray (Author), Micole Noble (Author), Robin Toft (Author), Pamela Vatrano Kirastoulis (Author), Meredith Wilkie (Author), Sonja Wüthrich (Author), Joy Paddison (Author)

A powerful book on awakening your divine feminine nature, as expressed in the stories of women from around the globe.Featuring inspiring stories from: Donna Bond, Stacie Cooper, Danielle Dawson, Carol DeFrancisco, Marion Gibbon, Anna Koskinaris, Judy McNutt, Natalie Murray, Micole Noble, Kayleigh O’Keefe, Joy Paddison, Robin Toft, Pamela Vatrano Kirastoulis, Meredith Wilkie, Sonja Wüthrich
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A Message from the Co-founders

Co-founders Robin Toft and Ron Giannotti share why they started We Can Rise and explain why joining this community will advance your career and help you live a balanced and joyful life.

Podcasts —


Embodying Fearlessness as an Executive

Being an elite executive demands bravery. Author and CEO & Founder of Toft Group, Robin Toft, unpacks how execs can learn to be fearless. Plus, she shares why diversity and gender inclusion is sound for business, and discusses her latest book.
Listen - 36 min

Three Essentials to Advance Your Life Science Career - And Advice for Employers Too

Robin Toft is the Chairman and Founder of The Toft Group, an executive search firm and author of the book: We Can: The Executive Woman’s Guide to Career Advancement. In this episode she shares three things you must have to advance your career Confidence, Competence and Connections) and how to develop/deploy them.
Listen - 39 min

Robin Toft on the Life Science Industry’s Talent Crisis, Advancement for Women, and Why It’s Critical for CEO’s to Focus on Diversit‪y‬

On this Precision Medicine Podcast, author and CEO of the Toft Group (a ZRG company), Robin Toft, joins us to discuss her new book, We Can, and share her thoughts on the need for more women and greater diversity in the C-suite and the boardroom within the life science industry.
Listen - 19 min

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